Thursday, July 3, 2008

Scenes from the Heemat ...for Patricia

Idyllic scene...all the way around
Friend Patrick's 18th century carpet loom
High tech rides for the kids
nanny's nap in the shade


kansasrose said...

awww the sleepin' granny is too cute in her bonnet and apron.

Patricia said...

Woweeeee!!!! Can't wait to go there...sigh...sniffle...thanks for posting these pics Susan.. 'Till I get to the Heemat then!



Aunt Jenny said...

Oh my...wonderful sure makes me wish I were there!

Bramble said...

I remember going to this "Folk Fest" when I was young with my parents. We had a blast and came away with some wonderful memories as well as goodies. I spent my money on an Amish man's hat ( for my grandfather) and God love him he wore it to work in the garden...forever. The rug loom reminds me I have a floor runner that my Mom bought. It must be atleast 40 years old and still looks good! Sue I hope your time
there was fun! Wish we had thought to go this year! Bramble

Susan said...

Bramble, what a wonderful surprise to hear from you!!! It has been a great week, but I will be happy to get back to eating more fresh veggies! The temptations for comfort food were simply irresistible.


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