Thursday, July 31, 2008

Humm-Dinger of a Storm

Can you see the camouflaged little hummingbird taking a rest on the red crocosmia branch there? She has been such a joy and a delight to watch, actually coming right up to my face and the MAN's on the same day to get a closer look. Hard not to react with a wild swing of the arms imagining it to be a cicada or hornet coming in for the attack. But I go out expecting her now and am surprised at her curious nature. I guess being able to zoom to the highest treetops in a millisecond gives her an edge of security that other birds can't fathom.
Oh, that humm-dinger of a storm on Sunday?We knew it was coming, but it was still miles off.Could have easily still been outside putting tools away or finishing up last minute work in the garden when the rogue lightning bolt came out of nowhere with a canon-like explosion of light and sound. It glanced off the ancient sycamore tree at the corner of the house, knocking off some bark and leaves, but it's final destination was our phone line which promptly zapped the phone/fax machine, the wireless modem and the MAN's computer...all attached to the phone line. Took four days for the phone company to send a tech out to repair it. Been exceedingly frustrating to be out of commission in the communication department for that long. Been even a little more concerned that my hearing hasn't returned to normal yet in my right ear...was right inside by the window near that tree when it hit. Thank goodness we weren't on the porch, as is often the case, as a storm approaches. Is it my imagination or are these thunderstorms picking up in intensity and frequency? I have finally submitted to fear and dread at an impending storm, instead of romantic anticipation of a good garden soaking and cuddling under the blankets. Good grief!

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kansasrose said...

It's not yer imagination hon...storms ARE getting worse. I saw those red boxes in the NE for tornado watches. I thought of you and my sis in law in Westchester. We have been the oh so happy recievers of 5 destructive tornadoes this year. A piece of tin dropped in our yard from who knows where. Got 3 of em on my digital, dd caught one on her cell camera along I-70 on the way to oldest girls wedding rehearsal, while the bride, moi and others were huddled in a basement at the church. Ya better put a Kansas tor-nay-duh talisman in your basement...I have a basket full!. ( stinky old sneakers or decrepit work boots... when the storms come rollin' in, throw the shoes out into the yard as an offering, they side swipe the house, works for me) really! But be on the safe side and get underground, with sturdy furniture over you, blankets to shield from debris. Make sure ya move your trucks...a truck flew in on an old dude taking shelter in HIS basement during the Greensburg Ks twister and killed the poor guy...crushing him. bad storms here. very bad. Stay safe hon! Bustillo

ps I want one of them horns of plenty mead. :) OH YEAH!


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