Sunday, June 1, 2008

Please indulge me...

The damasks opened today and I am speechless

The first sparkling gallon of rosewater will be finished by dusk tonight. Follow along during the week while I prepare for the annual Rose Event here on the farm next Saturday June 7th. Don't make me beg...please come. Secrets revealed: this is my favorite class of the entire year.


roosterhen said...

Spectacular! And the photography is wonderful- as though the petals and leaves are edged with crystal beads! If only your blog had smell-o-vision!

Aunt Jenny said...

Oh my...just so pretty!! Lucky you!!! I am not good with roses since we moved Calif I had great luck forever..but here..not so much...I will have to live my rose dreams through your pictures..just beautiful!!
Hey...I got two healthy looking Elderberry plants....any tips???? I am about zone 4/5 here.

Lorelei Ranveig said...

What Rose varieties do you have? I have two rose bushes, but I'm never sure what works for jams and so on. Thanks for your thoughts! =)


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