Saturday, June 28, 2008


Brilliant blue sky
Blue borage flowers against the sky
First substantial harvest of blueberries
Beautiful blue hyssop flowers


Kelley said...

What beautiful pictures!!
I had no idea that hyssop was blue!
Your blueberries look scrumptious!

kansasrose said...

Very pretty. I love these!

Ellen said...

George Carlin has this whole routine on the no blue food guess he may have found it.

Aunt Jenny said...

Love the pictures. I LOVE borage and havn't even tried to grow it here. Havn't seen any seedlings or seed for it either..hmmmm I will have to find some. I used to always grow it!! My kids always loved to snack on the flowers..
those are beautiful blueberries..yuM!!!

kansasrose said...

Do ya make anything special with the blueberries? Can't wait to read and see pics of the German festival. Brats, kraut, beer, ompah bands!!! Bring it on! :D


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