Saturday, May 31, 2008

Making Cheese with Friends sooo much more fun than making cheese alone! Spent a simply lovely afternoon at Sarah (HerbsfromtheLabyrinth) Campbell's yesterday afternoon in Lancaster, PA. Six pounds of cheese and a few bottles of wine later we were a happy bunch in Sarah's Labyrinth garden. Talking about a Saturday class again for the fall. But not before two more here on the farm this summer! You scream, I scream,we all scream for ...cheese!!! Notice the one wearing a clean apron, barking orders from the sidelines and not even getting her hands messy? hehheh, that's me
Sarah, I know it's your kitchen but, please, share the cheese
We had the 'weighing ball-makers'the 'herb pickers and choppers'
the 'herban' cheese rollers and one lady in the corner trying like heck to make beads outa cheese (Marty)This is the last pic of the day. With a plate of cheese and crackers in one hand and a lovely glass in the other, my camera got left behind in the kitchen.Great Day!


Aunt Jenny said...

what fun!!!!! I did a mozzarella class here last summer and you are so right...much more fun with friends. Your cheese turned out so pretty..cheese is such a wonder!!!
Looks like you all had a blast!

Susan said...

I have had the mozzarella kit forever and have yet to try it! I know that you've made it and said how easy it was. These soft cheeses are a no-brainer for me now. Time to expand my horizons!


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