Sunday, May 11, 2008

Just one last wish, please...

I spied this double seater outhouse at Landis Valley yesterday, I'm pretty sure a new addition since last year. I love everything about it: the size, the colors, the his and hers doors and I can imagine all kinds of decorating possibilities inside, can't you? How about a huge climbing rose sprawling over the roof?? Yep, I'd like to put this on the wish list too, my MAN*(( " Wow, you could easily build something like that, couldn't ya, Honey?" insert batting eyelashes here. He nods yes, of course and doesn't even notice the eyelashes because I can see that he is already dissembling this structure in his mind. hehheh )) When I uploaded these pics onto the computer I took a little closer look...These aren't separate doors to separate 'rooms', they are just made to look that way. See the padlock in the center? The doors open and swing away from each other like barn doors! I believe this is a large tool or lawnmower shed. Ooooh, clever. Very clever....and I still want one.
* Just in case I never mentioned this before, when I refer to the MAN in my posts, it is my dear husband's initials that I am using....but fortunately for him, the moniker suits him...he is, and forever will be..the MAN. Sort of a long standing joke that I thought I should let you in on. Now you all can smile along!


Lorelei Ranveig said...

These ARE REALLY adorable!!
I could think of loads of ways to decorate these little outhouses. What fun that would be! Added bonus: fertilizer! LOL. =)
We're hoping to have something so cute on our homestead one day.

kansasrose said...

This is tooo cute! The colors and those little half moons. I have a question of ya Ms.Herbalist...What is the ancient history ( if any) and uses of the boxwood? :)


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