Friday, May 23, 2008

Bee Tales

The hives arrived well after midnight on Friday night. A perfect rainy day and night ensured the bees would be calm for the trip. It also insured that the truck and trailer that they arrived in would get hopelessly stuck in the field after they were unloaded. Who's the Swarmbusters gonna call at five a.m.? Wish it had been me...I was already up and have a four wheel drive pickup with a hitch. Instead, a grumpy farmer (who has also had his share of stuck machinery this past week in the rain) who decided to sleep in for a change, got the call. ouch. He made the Swarmbusters wait until he was ready to pull them out. I wish I had known. I would have walked a few famous Farm at Coventry egg sandwiches and a pot of tea back the lane to help ease the weariness and chase the chill. By the time Grumpy Farmer arrived, the sun was up and the bees had awakened to find themselves in new surroundings. Thanks goodness the locusts are in bloom. They seem plenty happy.
a wildly audible hummmmmmm
After scouting around, the Boy and I spotted this writhing swarm in a tree. Wish I could have gotten a little closer, but a healthy stand of well-armed poison ivy stood guard between me and the swarm. Funny how those things happen.
"Hey, whatdya say we meet up at the local watering hole after work tonight?"
The rain puddles were nearly as active as the hives


Ellen said...

Have you joined the gals in their humming song? :::::::::::::here i am oooo baby::::signed sealed
I'M YOURS:::::::::::

Herbs~Art~Family~Love said...

I love catching up this week and viewing your blog once again.

Have a great and fulfilling week, Susan:)


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