Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sunset Serenade

geese honking
doves cooing
windows screening
Neil crooning
chickens settling
traffic slowing
cats purring
wind stirring
laundry flapping
"let's go for ice cream"
music to my ears. goodnight.


kansasrose said...

the babe's glass greenhouse cathedral...ohhh so sacred. Gorgeous pic hon. Love that poem to the sweet life. :) make mine chocolate mocha.

Susan said...

I chose B&J "Willie Nelson's Country Peach Cobbler"- Deeeelish!I'm a die-hard B&J "Cherry Garcia" fan, but there was none to be found. This might be my new fave!Geez, those ole stoners sure know how to make ice cream!!

kansasrose said...

ohhhh..when the hormonin hit only B&J Chocolate Fudge with chunks of brownies will rock it out. Never had the peach cobbler...holy moley..sounds addictin' my DH craves peach there cobbler crust mixed in?

Thank you B&j my bustillo bumm and hips thank ya too!

Susan said...

There are hunks of cinnamon shortbread, peaches and peach swirl in vanilla ice cream. No skimping on any of it, either...and let's not mention the bum, shall we? hehheh...

Aunt Jenny said...

Cherry Garcia has always been my fave...but I will have to try the Peach...sounds wonderful. I havn't had a B&J craving for such a long time..but when I do I eat the whole pint in one sitting....shame on me. Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. It was SNOWING here this morning...I am not in ice cream mode quite yet. It was sunny enough this morning to wipe out the morning snow memory pretty much though.


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