Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring Breezes smell like this....

Again the blackbird sings; the streams wake, laughing, from their winter dreams, and tremble in the April showers, the tassels of the maple flowers.
~ john greenleaf whittier

((Click on this bottom picture for a closer look. Is it me or is there a tiny bug wearing sunglasses in the lower right corner? Freaky))


Farmgirl Cyn said...

I see him all right! On a day like that, he needs some shades!

Hildie said...

Ha!! And the blue and yellow combination is glorious.

kansasrose said...

Hey...who is that bug wearin' those Foster Grants? Yep I see him too! He is chillin' out in the Babe's flower gardens.

Susan said...

Actually, he was chillin' way up high in the maple tree!! I held the camera at arms length to get the shot. I knew there was an ant there but that little face totally surprised me.
It's soo cute.


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