Sunday, April 20, 2008

Simple Crowd Pleaser

Combine lotsa ice and spring water,
add fresh basil sprigs that have been bruised
and a sliced cucumber.
Stir and let stand until well chilled.
This is a most refreshing drink on a hot day...ahhhh!


Anonymous said...

That looks really refreshing to me, too. My boys are really fond of fresh, cool water with mint and lemon in the mix.
I frequently make some tea blends for the boys in the summertime, for their nutritious offerings compared the high sugar-bearing fruit juices through a long days play.
They would love this one, too.

kansasrose said...

Sounds good!!...perhaps mixed with a pinch or two of Cordon?

Aunt Jenny said...

Now that sounds like my kind of drink!! I have some basil growing in a pot I think I will have to make up a jar of it..yum!!!!
have a great week Sue!!

Mary Himmer said...

I bought a cucumber today to make this, and now just need the basil which I'm not growing yet. Yesterday, I finished making the dandelion flower syrup with agave. I had my spouse and son gather the flowers and we garbled them. At night, I covered them with water and brought to a boiling, just like Susan's recipe said. In the morning, I squeezed it through a muslin cloth. I had 9 cups of liquid by this point. As I needed to substitute agave for the sugar, I added 3 cups. I use Suzanne's Specialties agave (as well as rice syrup as their rice syrup is gluten free,) and I purchase it direct from the company in bulk. It is usually at my home in a couple days. After cooking this mixture on low for several hours, it tasted a wee bit flat to me, so I added a pinch of Himalyan salt, my current favorite salt, and that helped. I then added one whole chopped organic lemon towards the end so the lemon wouldn't turn the mixture bitter by cooking too long. I love this syrup. Our family will go through it quickly, so I haven't tried to figure out how to can it yet. Perhaps I will visit the canning experience on the next batch. That is something I need to learn. I added the syrup to sumac tea, the last of what I harvested on vacation late last summer, and it was delightful. I also added the dandelion syrup to my oatmeal for breakfast, and everything else I want a wee bit sweeter. Thank you for sharing your recipe with us, Susan. I have wanted to learn to eat more wild foods, and here is my chance.

I also modified the mustard recipe, and finished making it this morning when I suddenly came across some garlic mustard at a church where my son practices organ on Tuesdays. I didn't have any to make the garlic mustard vinegar so used apple cider vinegar instead as that is what I had on hand. We will see how the flavors meld in a couple days. This is so fun. Thank you for your recipe. I will need to gather more garlic mustard to make the vinegar when I stubble across some next.


Susan said...

Wow, Mary you have been busy the last few days. Does a teacher's heart good!! Great experiment on the syrup, too.


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