Wednesday, April 30, 2008

From the Left Coast

I LOVE having herb sisters who live in places I've never been.... or can't get to!! A sweet package arrived in the mail from sunny California today, smelling of the sea and fragrant bunches of fresh mugwort, horsetail and bay leaves! Best of all, the whole shebang was wrapped up in a North Bay Bohemian magazine. Think I'm gonna take a short break, turn on some "Old and in the Way", light some patchouli incense and take a little look at this mag. I love the ads already. Chris shared a recipe to make some Bay Rum with the bay leaves. I'll probably make horsetail vinegar for a hair rinse and the mugwort...I have a few ideas for that. It smells great. When I get that Bay Rum brewing, I'll post a photo of it. Peace.


Hildie said...

iebuthieThe new look of your blog is wonderful. So delicious to peruse. And the reading room picture off your website is tantalizing!

Tanta Liza

Chris said...

Oooh, I'm so pleased to share the love! And psyched to find Sue's blog and site. Wonderful!

I have something of a dilemna that I wonder if others experience; letting gardens (and greenhouses) grow their own footprint vs shaping it myself.

I get SO stuck! When calendulas jump their beds and form random fertile settlements, when velvety, magickal mulleins pop up in the strawberry patch, when rich green lemon balm grows in the paths. It is hard for me to weed these out, transplanting seems both a risk and timely task and I am respectfully awed by their independence and vitality.

Do we just have to decide what kind of garden we will have? I have so little space left for cultivated patches of my own design now. My gardens are wild-spirited things!

Does anyone else have this dilemna?

Ellen said...

Won't the answer to the question chris asks really define your personality? And don't our personalities define our gardens?

::::Wild thing::: you make my heart sing::::

I remember reading something on the internet, maybe two years ago, where the suggestion to see how a color distorts your personality in your garden was to take black and white photos and see the range of the gray scale.

I have been known to move paths to accomodate plants... and to move plants to accomodate there viability.
I did move orchids after a puppy decided their treehouse is his hangout.

How many are seed scatters and how many plant in rows or individual pots?

Susan said...

well, that is why my man and I each have our own gardening spaces
..hehheh. I am a curvy row, circular bed,down on my knees to protect the reseeds in the path- kinda gardener. I like surprises. As a Libra sometimes seed and plant- planting decisions are arduous. If the plants help me a little, I'm always grateful. I'd prefer not to do the whole painting alone.Pretty weeds are always welcome to stay, too.

Susan said...

Tanta Liza,
The Reading Room page is gonna go by the wayside soon, unfortunately....
I have wild and crazy ideas for it but so little time to do it in....
It's gonna go back on 'the book shelf' for awhile, until winter, perhaps.Thanks for the compliments!

Ellen said...

What kind of __________names for different beds do you use?

I've become a tosser of my seeds when I sow so most of my beds are free form.
:::the answer my friend is blowing in the wind:::
How many of your beds are free standing versus ones ending up next to structures, trees, shrubbery shade providers?

Chris said...

I guess I've known all along it's up to me. And like Ellen said, my gardens reflect my nature, personality, which leans more towards responding to wild design, not blocking it.

I harvested huge swathes of lemon balm from the greenhouse path on Thursday but am leaving the mulleins rooted. I have bowls of mullein seed from last year by the way. Say the word and I'll send.


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