Wednesday, April 23, 2008

First Sniff

The Boy and I planted this double flowered "Hope" lilac a few years back on Mother's Day.The flowers just began to open today. Heavenly.


kansasrose said...

OMG! Heart stoppin' beauty. You do capture the souls of these flora. I have me some Frenchie lilacs Nancy..Madame Lemoine pure white that smells of fresh laundry or soap or somethin' the old persian bush that's been trampled by scared Dexters on the lose, run over by ups and fed ex trucks :(...still hanging in about the bust out bloom, and Charles Jolly..only a few bud on him. Got to get this HOPE plant now..the doubles are extreme lilac gorgeous. can you steep lilac to extract their perfume?

Susan said...

KR, I'm not much of a fan of the lilac perfumes or soaps, but the fresh flowers make me swoon. Maybe I'll do a little experiment, but I have a vague memory that the fragrance cannot be captured...where is my Aromatherapist friend Carol? Do you know about this?


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