Monday, April 28, 2008

Colorful Brews

Checking back on our infusions to see how they are coming along...Above on the right is the rice wine vinegar and violet flowers. Same violet flowers on the left, but this time it is a tincture of grain alcohol and distilled water. No distinguishable violet color remains. That's a bit of a disappointment. I will be adding some violet syrup to this tincture though so I hope that gives it a little color.
These are white distilled vinegar infusions for our 'Cleaning Green' cleaning products class. On the left is a thyme infusion, in the center is lemon peels and on the right is a lavender infusion. I used about a cup of herbs per quart of vinegar...I warmed the vinegar first before I poured it over the herbs to give it a good start. When they are strained, they can be mixed half and half with distilled water and put in a spray bottle for cleaning or mildew busting with a few drops of essential oil of tea tree, lavender or lemon. I make the strong lemon vinegar with lemon essential oil to use in my bucket of hot water when I mop the floor. Smells so nice...


Look at the Green Hearth's Garden! said...

Ok.. so bare with me I'm a new herbie...

so you take sliced lemons... place them in a jar.. pour warm apple cider vinager over it.. let is sit for how long?
The strain.. and store in jar... mix with hot water and clear floors..

how much to mix with the water?

Sounds wonderful!

Thank you
Denise in TN

Aunt Jenny said...

Just beautiful!!!

Susan said...

combine lemons (or lemon, orange or grapefruit peels) and warm white distilled vinegar (cheaper!). Cover for a few days and then strain. Maybe a cup or two into a bucket of water to clean floors. Or mix equal parts in a spray bottle to clean counter tops, bathrooms, etc. Don't forget to add a few drops of essential oil (tea tree, lavender, or lemon)

Erica said...

I'm making this today, can't wait to try it out! I only use vinegar to clean, so a lemon vinegar will be a nice change.

Thanks for the tip!


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