Sunday, March 9, 2008

Paint Away, Madame LeFeye

the girls really earned their keep this morning...
finally. They've been holding out for some reason, or hiding them under the porch or in a leaf nest in the forsythia. Guess they were just so happy to be warm and dry in the coop during the bad weather the last few days, that they decided to give us an abundant Sunday breakfast. I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that big one on top is a double-yolker. It's as big as a goose egg.


kansasrose said...

Those are beautiful eggs! Good job girls!

Madame LeFeye said...

Susan...What Beautiful eggs, some of the best I have ever seen.. that one on top is a whooper for sure, no doubt a double yoker. Check out that lovely shadow that is gently lifting itself up over the white egg.. makes my mouth water and grab my paint brushes. Thank you for sharing this with me...Orva


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