Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mystery Machinery

When I spotted this little manure spreader out my kitchen window a week or more ago, I knew that Farmer Tom must be juggling farm machinery around between the farms again. Our farm is one of the parking spots for various pieces throughout the year. Within a few days after it arrived, a young fella stopped by while Mike was chopping wood out back, asking if we would be interested in selling it for scrap metal...sorry, don't think so, but we'll let Farmer Tom know you came by looking to buy his "hunk 'o junk" (insert snicker here) A few days later, Farmer Tom stopped by. Before he left he asked where we picked up the little manure spreader...huh?
It wasn't his. Somebody dumped it? Somebody wanted to buy it? Dang, where the heck did we put that phone number?


Hildie said...

Whatever the mystery is (maybe it's "hot" and waiting for the "fence" to pick it up), it's a beautiful photo.

Susan said...

Exactly why it shouldn't be 'sold'. I can see the headlines:"Herbalist Heads Illegal Scrap Metal Ring"...
I think my sales would be slightly affected.

kansasrose said...

Those poop slingers bring a pretty penny on the prairie! My neighbors use them. They don't look quite like that one though... That one is really old.


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