Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Lily, revisited

I just had to leave that first Lily post without words. Photographing this flower combined with the heady scent it is releasing this afternoon has left me all but speechless...but I will persevere. I have been infatuated with lilies for some time. It started with a white Casablanca lily I bought years ago for my Moon garden, simply because it has a white flower. I had no idea that it also had such an intoxicating fragrance. Even though the white Lily has associations with the Virgin Mary, the Resurrection and the Holy Trinity, it is also deeply rooted with symbolism that is much older. The white lily is considered sacred to the Goddess Eostre/Ostara/Astarte (Easter) thus representing the Spring"Passion" (fertility) of the Vegetation God with the Earth Goddess. The PA Deitsch also used the stylized lily (or lily-tulip) in their folk arts and fraktur. It is often depicted with three petals which represented the Holy Trinity (or the Triple Goddess to pre- Christian cultures). Regardless, of the chosen symbolism, this particular flower is literally dripping with fragrant fertility today... and no one can deny a flower that in Spring, right?


kansasrose said...

I can almost smell that heady fragrance! I love the lily too! ( Me muter's name is Lily.) Hope you post pics of your moon garden in the light of the Strawberry or Buck moonth! :)

Susan said...

Just remembered that my name means
Lily (origin Hebrew)...that's cool!


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