Friday, March 14, 2008

Freidaag*/ Samschdaag* = Market Day

Friday and Saturday are days to go to Market. Shopping or selling, as is the case for those who have a market stand. Later today I'll run down to Kimberton Whole Foods and pick up a few things for the weekend and also check on my product shelves in the Apothecary department.
KWF and I go way back... Back to the early 90's when the store was literally a farm store. I worked in the Apothecary for many years and designed the logo. They helped finance my way to herb school and gave my kid a job. Good deal. All these years later, we are still supporting each other... as local business owners. I have grown my business and they have grown theirs: Three locations now and planning more. I don't wholesale my products many places, but this is my neighborhood...and they have my stuff, front and center. They know my products and use my products and recommend them to customers. They even have a picture poster of me on the wall ((insert snicker here)) a very LARGE poster. It's embarrassing, and I can't look at it when I'm shopping, but it works. People recognize me, put a face to a name, and a name to a product that I make with my own two hands. That is supporting local business at it's most basic. We're good neighbors. I like that. I will be working on an educational bag stuffer in the coming week that tells customers about the 2008 Herb of the Year Poster Child, Calendula. I'll describe it's benefits and list a variety of in-store calendula products, ahem, including mine at the top of the list. Goood neighbors!
*Friday /* Saturday

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