Thursday, February 28, 2008

Calling all Catnippers!

Look at that's a face only a mother of a stoner kitty could love! This is Birch (aka Berke) in her early spring catnip patch...last year. I did catch her rolling around in this patch today, over top of a layer of leaves. Instead of raking away the leaves in this blistering cold wind, I decided to come in by the fire, make some catnip tea and post this photo instead. Anyway, the catnip IS awake and apparently it's some good stuff, according to Berke. meeeeeoooooooooowww.


kansasrose said...

lol She does look stoned! Hey Berke!! You keep rockin' the nip and keep that mistress Sue in line!

Susan said...

Hey, I say, whatever works! LOL
She is nearly sixteen years old and still acts like a spunky kitten.
She does have an obvious addiction but I won't hold it against her.
She is my silky Silver Berke.


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